Reader: No Good Pizza in Denver, but Good Cheesy Circular Bread
Laura Shunk

Reader: No Good Pizza in Denver, but Good Cheesy Circular Bread

The opening of Giordano's on the mall brought out lovers of Chicago-style pizza, and also whetted appetites for other regional pies. To satisfy various hungers, we recently served up our list of Denver's Ten Best Pizzas by Style. And turf wars immediately broke out.

People love Giordano's, they hate Giordano's. They love the Detroit-style pizza at Blue Pan, they hate Blue Pan pie. Is there really any good New York-style pizza in Denver? Any good pizza at all?

Says Dave:

 I've had some good circular cheesy bread in Denver but no pizza.

Comments Matthew: 

There isn't a NY style slice in Denver that doesn't taste like a Manhattan dollar slice. Your pick included. (This is not a good thing.)

Explains Chris: 

"NY style" IS Neopolitan. What differentiates it are subtle differences in quality of the hand-tossed crust (which, like the bagels, has a lot to do with the water), a sweeter sauce and rich (high fat) mozzarella cheese (which is what makes it drop grease).

SOURCE: My brain, which is housed in the body of a Native NY'er, Brooklyn born & Island bred.

Notes Amanda: 

Blue Pan Pizza is far from what I would call the best Detroit style. It's okay pizza at best. There's an actual Detroit (area) pizza chain called Jets. Go there. Get two. Extra ranch. Eat the second while hungover and thank me later.

Argues Stefanie: 

Crush Pizza and Tap is not Chicago Pizza. Too flat. Go to Giordano's. They wouldn't even open in Denver until they conducted a number of tests on the water and in the altitude to ensure authenticity.

Adds Kathleen: 

What about Beau Jo’s? They INVENTED mountain pie!

Offers Christan:

 Pizzeria Lui, White Pie and Blue Pan are delish. Shout outs to Black Shirt Brewery, Gozo (depending on what chef is cooking) and Vero Italian.

And Allie concludes: 

I want to try them all!

Keep reading for more on different pizza styles in Denver.

Reader: No Good Pizza in Denver, but Good Cheesy Circular Bread
Danielle Lirette

 "Denver's Ten Best Pizzas by Style"

"Chicago Invader Giordano's Is Now Serving Deep Dish Pie on the 16th Street Mall"

Reader: No Good Pizza in Denver, but Good Cheesy Circular Bread
Paul C. Reilly

"Paul C. Reilly Will Add Pizza to Upcoming Broadway Market"

Aimee had concerns about our final choice on the list, for Roman-style pie, and wrote: "What I would like to know is how does a restaurant that isn't even open yet end up on a ten best pizza list? Now I know these are bullshit. I'm disappointed in you Westword."

As ace eater Linnea Covington noted in her piece, Denver hasn't seen much in the Roman pizza category, and  chef/restaurant owner Paul Reilly (of Beast + Bottle and Coperta) wants to change that. "Pizza Romana is meant to be thin and crispy and enjoyed as a meal," he says. "Pizza al taglio, or pizza by the cut, is a thicker dough traditionally eaten on the go or as Roman street food." He'll be serving both when he opens Pizzeria Coperta in the new Broadway Market, which should be finished in early 2019.

We could have stopped our list at nine, but thought the upcoming addition of Roman pizza to the Denver dining scene was worth noting. Have you found a Roman pie in town? What do you think of our other choices? Post a comment or email cafe@westword.com.

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