Thirteen Restaurant and Bar Openings Coming Soon

You'll want to wing it over to the Constellation in Stapleton.
You'll want to wing it over to the Constellation in Stapleton. Courtesy the Constellation

You can't possibly be bored with all the breakfast, lunch and dinner options in Denver. But variety is the spice of life, and soon this city will see a spicy variety of new restaurants offering everything from Southern fare to ice cream to Chinese hot pot. Here are thirteen restaurants expected to open in January or February 2018.

1380 Horizon Avenue, Lafayette
Stem Ciders is building a farmhouse restaurant and cider-making facility that will have its own orchard, a wood-burning oven and a menu from Boulder restaurant luminaries Daniel Asher and Kelly Whitaker. Set on a hilltop with 360-degree views of the Front Range and Rocky Mountains, Acreage is expected to open on February 10. Stem will keep its original RiNo taproom at 2811 Walnut Street open.

American Bonded
2706 Larimer Street

American Bonded is a collaboration between Williams & Graham founder Sean Kenyon and Justin Anthony and Lisa Vedovelli of Matchbox. The bar will emphasize American whiskey, and the team is rounded out by bar manager Kevin Burke. Expect a February opening for American Bonded.

Bang Up to the Elephant
1310 Pearl Street

If you're enchanted by the immersive, whimsical experience of Beatrice & Woodsley on Broadway, you have something to look forward to at this Capitol Hill restaurant and bar. Bang Up to the Elephant is leaving many of the details a mystery for now — which will only add to the surprise and delight when the doors open. The restaurant is now hiring, so opening day should be within a month.

click to enlarge Beckon on the left, Call on the right. Call is now open and Beckon will soon follow. - MARK ANTONATION
Beckon on the left, Call on the right. Call is now open and Beckon will soon follow.
Mark Antonation
2845 Larimer Street

Beckon|Call is actually two separate restaurants run by one culinary team in neighboring cottages that have been converted into a counter-service cafe and bistro (that's Call, which opened in December) and a chef's-counter eatery that will offer only coursed tasting menus (the Beckon side of the operation). While this type of setup, where only two seatings are available nightly and guests (only seventeen at a time) all eat the same series of dishes, is not uncommon in larger cities, it's a first for Denver. Beckon could open by the end of this month. January 10, 2017 update: Beckon|Call management indicates that Beckon will not be ready to open until fall 2018.

2014 10th Street, Boulder

Zoe Ma Ma has been serving Chinese noodles, dumplings and soups with a mother's touch for the past several years in Boulder and Denver, sharing a wonderful taste of owner Edwin Zoe's childhood with us. With Chimera, Zoe plans to expand his culinary reach with a Pacific Rim menu that will capture more of his influences. "This is about context," the restaurateur told us last May when he took over the former Sushi Tora space. "I try to stay away from the idea of authenticity. My idea of authenticity is from when I was a child in Asia — but that was over forty years ago. What was authentic forty years ago may not be the same today, but we can talk about the roots." Zoe is hoping to open Chimera by the end of February.

click to enlarge Chubby Cattle's first restaurant in Las Vegas. - CHUBBY CATTLE
Chubby Cattle's first restaurant in Las Vegas.
Chubby Cattle
Chubby Cattle
2 Broadway

We've been anticipating this Chinese hot-pot restaurant since the company (its only other eatery is in Las Vegas) announced its intentions to move into the space that was most recently the Walnut Room nearly a year ago. A goofy name and a futuristic concept — refrigerated conveyor belts deliver hot-pot ingredients to your table — are the main draws. It's no wonder the place is behind schedule, since all that equipment and technology are being crammed into a tight, two-story corner spot, but it's looking like mid- to late-January is a distinct possibility.

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Mark Antonation is the former Westword Food & Drink Editor. In 2018, he was named Outstanding Media Professional by the Colorado Restaurant Association; he's now with the Colorado Restaurant Foundation.
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