Diego Zhang's closes the book on one adventure

Diego Zhang's Burger Cafe invites you to "taste the adventure," but there's one less place where you can do that. The owners -- who just took third place in a business-plan competition -- have closed their outpost at 12073 East Arapahoe Road and are focusing on their store at 6851 South Gaylord Street in the Streets of Southglenn.

"Our restaurant reflects the culinary curiosity of its guiding spirit, Diego Zhang, who in his global travels discovered new flavors that he blended into his favorite food - burgers," the Diego Zhang's website explains. "This spirit of curiosity is a trait of all who seek adventure even if close to home." But Diego Zhang has not addressed this particular misadventure in the his mythical journal entries.

Here's travelin' man Diego's take on Denver:

I have a taste for all things natural, and no place satisfies that more thoroughly than Denver. (Maybe that's because people there don't confuse " fresh and natural" with "ho-hum and boring.")

I was struck by that again as I headed not to the mountains but toward the city's center. Hailing a (hybrid) taxi to meet friends for dinner, I had to smile as I passed the new post-modern library and, next to it, the amazing new art museum. The first is as fresh a look as you could imagine, the second a design that reflects and reinterprets the surrounding shapes of nature.

I arrived at my friends address to discover that even their loft was a fresh take on urban living, overlooking the rejuvenated Cherry Creek. And what was for dinner? Fresh, all-natural burgers, adorned with a simple-yet-sophisticated mix of sautéed mushrooms, onions and bacon. So deliciously Denver.


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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.