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When my dining companion asked the waitress, "Is your salmon wild or is it farm-raised, and if it is wild, has it been injected with red dye?" I thought, holy Grateful Dead, if that isn't affirmation I'm in Boulder, I don't know what is. So I gave my Boulder-raised friend the "Get over yourself" look, whereupon she fished out her Audubon Seafood Wallet Card and began to school me on the environmental impact of farm-raised salmon. That's when I knew this was going to get roughy. Interrupting her in the middle of a diatribe about the increased levels of PCBs and antibiotics in farm-raised salmon, I called back the waitress and asked what cocktail might work as quickly as possible to deaden the pain of what I knew was going to be a lengthy, excruciating dive into the perils of eating orange roughy, Chilean seabass, monkfish and grouper. Her suggestion: the Agave Pear Martini ($6.75), made with Sauza tequila, triple sec, sour mix and fresh pear purée. I had to stifle my desire to ask, "Is your Agave Pear Martini made with organically grown pears, and is the Agave free-range Agave or was it cultivated?" Instead, what I did learn from my very well-informed waitress was that the pear purée is made when you order the cocktail. It cut the bite of the tequila, giving the drink a nice, mellow undertone that was a delicious addition to a margarita martini -- as well as a lovely complement to the salmon (wild and no dye, by the way).
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Nancy Levine
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