During Denver Restaurant Week, one for the boys

Dig it.  I know there's been a lot of talk, here and elsewhere, about the fantastic deals to be found during Denver Restaurant Week. One thing that's not getting a lot of ink: How killed all those restaurant crews will be during that February 21-28 stretch. And where's the payoff for them? 

Sure, the restaurant owners are no doubt going to be banking a little extra green -- or, in some cases, a lot of extra green. The suppliers are going to do well as everyone ups their orders for the week. Customers are going to make out like bandits (provided they were on the stick early enough to make reservations back when some were still available). And for those restaurants in truly dire straits, the DRW bump might be just enough to keep the lights on for a couple more weeks.

But what about the line cooks?  The dishwashers and bus crews?  Who's looking out for those cats?

Come to find, Corky Douglass is looking out for them. The former owner of Tante Louise dropped me a line to let me know that he and his partners will be offering a special Denver Restaurant Week, industry-only deal at the Milwaukee Street Tavern, at 201 Milwaukee Street.  "As you well know," Douglass told me, "they will work hard for their money and need a deal of their own."

So, guys, here's the deal. Any industry employee (from bus to bar, and back-of-house to front) can hit the Milwaukee Street Tavern during Restaurant Week and score a $5.28 burger and side, a $5.28 pitcher of Blue Moon or Coors Light or (because the guys at MST really know what the cooks like) a pint of Blue Moon/Coors Light and a shot of Jager for the same.

Come in, unwind, get weird, whatever. Ain't it nice to know that someone out there has got your back?

It's almost enough to make me wonder whether I still get to be counted as part of the industry myself...

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