Openings and Closings

El Charrito Cancels Brunch Today After a Really Hot Night

Sounds like it was a hot night at El Charrito — so hot that the fifty-year-old dive bar turned hipster hangout on Larimer Street will not be open for brunch today...and the rest of its entertaining entertainment schedule (comedy, Nerd Nite) is up in the air. Here's the word on Facebook.
Hey, everybody, got some bad news. We will not be able to open for brunch for reasons beyond our control. Not actually sure when we will be open but we will let you know.

Tip of the day: don't light furniture on fire in alleys. It can do damage to businesses.
This is not the first great bar to sustain collateral damage in a fire recently. The Dirty Duck just reopened after a fire next door in the old Rockies Inn kept the southeast Denver saloon closed for six weeks. And the Rocky Flats Lounge, which was the site of a fire last summer, is still closed.

We'll keep you posted on the status of El Charrito. In the meantime, see our cartoon of El Charrito's history here — and don't miss our slide show of the Star Trek V. Star Wars Nerd Nite there.

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