GB Fish & Chips is open on Colfax -- but dry until March

Three months ago, when Alex Stokeld revealed that he planned to open a third location of GB Fish & Chips in the former Deluxe Burger space next door to Mod Livin', at 5325 East Colfax Avenue, he told us he was aiming for a February 1 opening. And that's exactly when his new restaurant opened -- although the fish restaurant is still dry.

Otherwise, the 1,000-square-foot space in Park Hill looks much like GB's other two addresses, filled with picnic tables and televisions, though Stokeld says it's "more like the Broadway location than the Sheridan spot. We have an extra fryer in Edgewater, so we do Twinkies and snickers bars and pickles."

The rest of the GB menu is available, of course, including not just fish and chips, but banger sausages and pasties, the meat pies that Stokeld has been serving at his other locations and is continuing to develop. "We've always done pork pies," he explains, "but we started using different fillings, like beef and onion or chicken and mushroom. I have a few more in the works, like more traditional steak and kidney."

Stokeld is also working on getting a full liquor license for the new restaurant, where he'd like to roll out a board of wine and beer plus weekend Bloody Marys. While the Broadway store also has a limited roster, the Edgewater location may soon push a full bar. "People like to spend money on alcohol over in that area," he says.

And come warmer weather, you'll be able to enjoy your fish and chips outside. "They've offered to let us use the patio," Stokeld says of his landlords, Mod Livin'. But since that patio is connected to the store -- which is not covered by the liquor license -- diners will have to enjoy the sun without benefit of alcoholic beverages. Likewise, though the door between the restaurant and the store is always open, you can't imbibe while you shop.

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