Get in line for Saj Mediterranean Grill's falafel plate

Places like Saj Mediterranean Grill, at 6955 South York Street in the Streets at SouthGlenn, can seem intimidating to the uninitiated. Anytime you have to line up to place an order, there's the potential for an extensive, awkward interaction with the person behind the counter to determine exactly what each dish contains, and there's no guarantee that person will have any idea of the correct answer. And all the while, there are people lining up behind you, waiting to order.... Which is one of many reasons why Saj is so fabulous: Everything is clearly marked, and there are plenty of delicious, plant-based items to choose from.

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Pictured above is the falafel plate, which comes with four of the best falafel we've tasted in metro Denver -- golden-brown and crispy on the outside, while perfectly seasoned, warm and soft on the inside -- served with your choice of sauce (the hummus and spicy hummus are vegan, and the baba ghanouj is vegetarian) and three sides. The cabbage salad with a drizzle of sesame dressing, spicy potatoes and tabouleh are shown on the plate above; all of the sides are vegetarian, and the vegan offerings are clearly marked with green script on the menu, so it's easy to pick and choose something that will fill your mealtime needs.

And the food itself is amazing -- the hummus creamy and tangy, the tabouleh crispy and fresh, and the spicy potatoes really spicy, so prepare yourself for a kick if you go that route. Fattoush and basmati rice are just two more examples of vegan options on the menu.

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