Confuzed Somoa doughnut at Glazed & Confuzed.EXPAND
Confuzed Somoa doughnut at Glazed & Confuzed.
Linnea Covington

Glazed & Confuzed Will Close in April, Reopen at Stanley Marketplace

If all goes well, come April 20 you can expect to sink your teeth into Glazed & Confuzed's stoner-inspired doughnuts at a new space inside the Stanley Marketplace. Unfortunately, the new location comes on the heels of owner Josh Schwab's decision to close his original shop at 5301 Leetsdale Drive, something he projects will happen near the beginning of April, once the move to the Stanley begins.

Schwab originally planned the Stanley Marketplace doughnut den as a second location, but says that after negotiations with the landlord at the Leetsdale store fell through, he decided to get out of that spot entirely.

"They have plans to scrap that location and rebuild," he explains. "We wouldn't be able to wait for the rebuild, so we just got out early."

The dining area at Glazed & Confuzed's Leetsdale location.EXPAND
The dining area at Glazed & Confuzed's Leetsdale location.
Linnea Covington

After Schwab had created a demand for his doughnuts by delivering them to outlets around town, a brick-and-mortar Glazed & Confuzed opened in 2013 and has been dishing out quality handmade doughnuts ever since (except for a brief hiatus following a flood). The flavor list changes frequently, and on any given day you might find the case packed with freshly constructed pastries such as the Confuzed Somoa, Strawberry Shortcake or the bacon-laden Breakfast of Champz. At the new shop, Schwab will serve all of these flavors but will also expand the menu to include more savory items and espresso drinks made with Kaladi Coffee.

"We will be sharing a commissary kitchen with Rosenberg Bagels off-site, and that will be the most challenging part," says Schwab. "We will have our classics along with our seasonal doughnuts, but we will always be introducing new doughnuts."

A Homer Simpson-esque strawberry doughnut from Glazed & Confuzed.EXPAND
A Homer Simpson-esque strawberry doughnut from Glazed & Confuzed.
Linnea Covington

For those of you bummed about the closing of the Denver location, don't worry. Schwab says he has plans to expand the brand to small satellite stores in the near future — especially if the new Stanley Marketplace shop does well.

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