Mexican hamburger at La Fogata.
Mexican hamburger at La Fogata.
Mark Antonation

Reader: The Best Green Chile in Denver Is in New Mexico

In the Best of Denver 2019, we served up 116 awards in the Food & Drink section, including the hard-fought Best Green Chile. We loved the green chile at La Fogata on East Evans, and explained our choice in "Why Westword Chose La Fogata as the Best Green Chile."

But some readers have different ideas. Very different ideas.

Adelitas Cocina y Cantina won the Readers' Choice award, but that didn't quiet the naysayers. What about Los Arcos? El Taco de Mexico? Or forget Denver: What about Pueblo? Or New Mexico?

Says Jason: 

I went after I saw this and honestly wasn’t really all that impressed. Definitely didn’t make me want to go back. I’ll stick to D’Corazon and La Loma.

Adds Emilio: 

I told you Westword was loco.

But then there's this from Stacey:

 We have been going to La Fogata for years. They have never let us down...staff and food.

And from Roman: 

They have the best shredded chicken smothered burritos.

And Sue: 

I love their crispy rellenos.

And Allie:

This is our go-to Mexican food place!

But some readers wonder if there's any good green chile in town. Suggests Andrew: 

In Denver, people need to STOP putting cumin in their green chile. AND.. if you’re still gonna serve it that way, cut the amount in half! Sheesh.

Says Fritz: 

Denver sucks at green chile. You gotta go south.

Adds Donovan: 

Denver green chile sucks ass. Pueblo has a million times better green chile.

Responds Sam: 

The best green chile in Denver is in New Mexico.

Counters Stacy:

We just got back from five days in Santa Fe. I was thoroughly disappointed in their green chile.

Concludes Thom:

 It's a perennial "no win" category: There will never be agreement on best green chile in Denver (and that's fine, too). Go eat yours, and let me eat mine.

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Reader: The Best Green Chile in Denver Is in New Mexico
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Reader: The Best Green Chile in Denver Is in New Mexico
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Reader: The Best Green Chile in Denver Is in New Mexico
Mark Antonation

"Why La Fogota Won Our Best Green Chile Award"

In Denver, green chile is personal. Regulars at the countless Mexican restaurants, bars and diners that serve the Southwestern staple are fiercely loyal to their favorite, rarely considering more than one green chile worthy of mention. We tasted volumes of verde in choosing the Best Green Chile for 2019, and our pick has withstood the test of time.

La Fogata, at 5670 East Evans Avenue, has been serving green chile and plenty of other excellent Mexican dishes since 1990 under owner Danette Calhoun. There's history in her green chile: Her family founded Las Delicias in the mid-’70s, and other family members went on to open El Parral, D'Corazon and other Denver cantinas.

What's your favorite green chile in Denver? What do you think of Santa Fe's verde? Post a comment or send your thoughts to cafe@westword.com. And remember: Voting for the Best of Denver 2020 is just ten months away.

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