Guess where I'm eating?

Last night a very good friend of mine, who happens to be pregnant, was looking at all the snaps in my camera, most of which are food shots, and commenting about how she could never eat this, or that, or that other thing, because oh my god, that's so gross! The shot of the omelet smothered in green chile and plated with buttered hashed browns really freaked her out. "Do you seriously, really eat all that stuff?" she wanted to know, while scraping off the goat cheese (she's pregnant and responsible) from her heirloom tomato tart.

Why, yes, yes I do! And I also eat crepes, as you can plainly see from the pic above. Now, I don't think crepes are weird at all, but I'm not pregnant. I must have been a little off center when I ate this one, however, because it's vegetarian, and after four years of existing on a vegetarian diet (in effing Chicago, of all places!), I happily returned to my carnivorous ways several years ago. My meat life is good...but so was this crepe assembled in the kitchen of what restaurant?

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