Guilty verdict in Ha Noi Pho Case

Yesterday, a Denver jury convicted Phuong Van Dang of attempted first-degree assault on a peace officer, attempted aggravated robbery and a whole one-from-column-A, one-from-column-B menu of other charges connected to an incident last fall at Ha Noi Pho, at 1036 South Federal Boulevard.

Dang was armed with a shotgun and wearing a mask when he walked into the restaurant, our Best Taste of Hanoi in 2007, intending to rob it -- but two Denver police officers happened to be lunching there. A shootout ensued, during which three patrons were injured. They all survived, though, as did the restaurant itself, as Jason Sheehan reported after a follow-up visit to Ha Noi Pho.

The outlook is gloomier for Dang, who now faces habitual-criminal charges.


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