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Happy Friday: Here's a good place to find a date

In the Best of Denver 2011, we named Common Grounds the Best Coffeehouse for Finding a Date, thanks to the constant crowd of young professionals who mingle there over cappuccinos. And because we're big proponents of ditching online dating and blind set-ups every now and then in favor of meeting people the old-fashioned way -- that is to say, face-to-face -- every Friday, we're bringing you Denver spots that we think are particularly conducive to meeting available members of the dating pool.

And this week -- or more specifically, tonight -- we think you should head to Casselman's Bar and Venue right around 8 p.m. with a crisp $20 bill between your fingertips.

The bar is hosting Bike Denver's "Bike to the Future" bike prom. Which means a lot of young, hip, presumably fit two-wheel enthusiasts will put on their best '80s prom gear and hit the dance floor, doing the running man, the moonwalk and the worm (we can only hope) to whatever '80s-inspired band Total Ghost decides to serve up.

Here's your cue: Bust a sweet move, squeeze into the photo booth with a pursuit (just don't be creepy about it, okay?) or go with the coy, "Hey, will you go to prom with me?" You're sure to land a fellow cruiser-owner's number in no time.

This party will almost definitely spiral into the realm of debauchery later on, so best to grab a date early. And if you don't get lucky, placate yourself with the fact that your entrance fee supports a pro-bike non-profit in our fair city -- and then take yourself and your ruffled dress or acid-washed jeans down the street to the 1Up, where you're sure to be the hit of the children-of-the-'80s party playing Pacman and giant Jenga.

More places to find dates:

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- Great Divide

- The Atomic Cowboy

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