Hot dog! Biker Jim's Wednesday and weekly specials

Just in case you've been living in between the bun and haven't feasted your eyes on

Biker Jim's hot dog blog

, this is just a little heads-up to let you know that every Wednesday, before lunch, Jim delivers a post all about the weird, wacky and wonderful dogs he's doing that day and for the remainder of the week. But instead of me telling you all about this week's dogs, I'll let Jim:

Allo all. Dis week we is aving us some german and some scottish stuff yah. A couple of faves. De ol Nuerenburger. Dis 1 is good...and skinny...and herby too. Tis mild but real taste likey. De oder 1 is da Emmentaler. Eeet is too real good. Garlic it is dat is in der. Too it is skinny but not as too mild. Ju no u can have them the 2 on the same roll. Good dat is too. But you wait you. We too want you have the Scottish Banger also. Fat, but short so 2 you get 2 too. It has da cream and da bread crumbs in it. So good, and most tasting like budder it does. Not hot no...u like it cause it is real good in your mouth. Bird dog 2 cause we call it pheasant, wid da spinach and da pepper in der. Not mild cause u know da pepper der, but good cause it bird. U want dat one 2. K. C all of dem u on it that street. Me Jim.

He'll be in his usual spot, at 16th and Arapahoe, for a few more hours if you want to get fed.

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