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Ian's Pizza Closes Permanently on Blake Street: "What Can We Say, We're Screwed!"

The Wisconsin-based chain known for its mac and cheese pizza was a downtown staple for over a decade.
Before the pandemic, Ian's was a late night favorite downtown.
Before the pandemic, Ian's was a late night favorite downtown. Danielle Lirette
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Several downtown restaurants have called it quits this week, but the story behind the latest is a little different. Both Three Saints Revival and Avelina cited the lack of office workers as a driving factor in their decision to shutter. For the short-lived Ana's Norweigan Bakeri outpost on the 16th Street Mall, delays in permitting had pushed back its opening date and sales were slow in the colder months since its November debut.

At Ian's Pizza, though, a flood at 2210 Blake Street was the last straw. "What can we say, we’re screwed!! Last year, our Denver location suffered extensive flooding. It’s now clear the damages were catastrophic — more than we can come back from," Ian's says in a message posted on its website. "Sadly, we will not be reopening."

The Wisconsin-based chain was a staple in downtown Denver for over a decade. Its creative pies, including one loaded with mac and cheese, were a late-night favorite before the pandemic.

Fans should hold out some hope, though. "We continue to explore opportunities to relaunch Ian’s Pizza in Denver. But we have yet to find the right spot! When we do, you’ll be the first to know," Ian's promises.

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