Reader: Why Would You Drive Past Bud's for In-N-Out?
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Reader: Why Would You Drive Past Bud's for In-N-Out?

In-N-Out Burger, a legendary chain that got its start in California seventy years ago, is finally coming to Colorado. The company will open its first location in Colorado Springs, where it will also build a distribution center that will allow it to plant stores within a 500-mile radius...including Denver. While In-N-Out fans rejoiced at the news, other readers didn't join the celebration, and instead stand by their favorite burgers. Says Jeffrey: 

In-N-Out is the mecca for simpletons easily attracted to over-rated fast food. The suburban uncouth think In-N-Out is fine dining.

Adds Rebekah: 

I don't get it. I'm sorry, I just don't know why people love this so much. Five Guys is way better.

Suggests Leanne:

Smashburger is the best. In-N-Out should take the latter portion of their name and stay "out."

Adds Mark: 

Who cares? Nasty, nasty nasty food. Bring a Whataburger franchise to Colorado..

Asks David: 

Why would you drive past Bud's for In-N-Out?

And then there's this from Doug:

Like we need another unhealthy fast food joint. How many ways can you cook a tortured animal?

Do you care that In-N-Out is finally coming to Colorado? Would you drive to Colorado Springs to eat an In-N-Out burger?

What's your favorite burger in metro Denver? Do you go to Five Guys? Smashburger? Bud's?

Share your thoughts in a comment, or email cafe@westword.com.

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