Jack-n-Grill's green isn't vegetarian, but other dishes will grow on you

Jack Martinez came to Colorado from New Mexico to sell chiles, a business that grew into Jack-n-Grill. The fare in this family place is New Mexican, and it's renowned for its green chile -- although there's no vegetarian version of the green. Still, there are plenty of options for herbivores at Jack-n-Grill, and three locations to serve your south-of-the-border dining needs. See also: - Chef and Tell:Jack-n-Grill's Jack Martinez on mariachi bands, why frog legs aren't his thing and common sense - Jack-n-Grill makes it a trio with its newest outpost in Westminster - Best Vegetarian Green Chile: Sam's #3

The East Belleview location, which is located in a shopping center and nestled next to breakfast powerhouse Egg & I, was doing a brisk business on Sunday afternoon, with tables turning quickly enough to make the wait time minimal..

Pictured above is the veggie burrito, a behemoth stuffed with potatoes, beans, zucchini, onions, corn, fresh green chile and tomatoes, then smothered in (vegetarian) red chile and sprinkled with cheese. It's not the seven-pound burrito of Jack-n-Grill fame, but it's easily big enough for two meals.

For vegans, there's the veggie taco plate -- calabasitas-style filling (squash, corn, onions and chopped green chiles) served on hard or soft corn tortillas with rice and beans that contain no animal products. The vegetables were beautifully grilled and topped with fresh, chopped tomatoes.

To see the full menu at Jack-n-Grill, visit www.jackngrill.com.

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