Japon rolls up veggie sushi -- and salad, soup and more

Japanese cuisine is centered on seafood -- but you can get plenty of ocean action without dipping into raw fish. Japon is one of many eateries around town that serves up a spread of vegetarian sushi options along with tuna and salmon and calamari, and its lunches are fast but tasty.

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The dining room was doing a decent business when we stopped by this weekend, but there was still a small table available in the light, open eating area (we could have gone to the sushi bar, too). or at the sushi bar, if you prefer). Japon's service is fast and the food comes out quickly, but you don't feel rushed or out-of-place while enjoying your meal.

Pictured above is the eatery's vegetable tempura -- assorted fried vegetables and fried tofu in a light, fluffy batter. The pieces are served piping hot in a basket, and deliver the killer combination of creamy-cooked insides and outer crunch.

The vegetarian sushi lunch comprises six cucumber rolls, six avocado rolls and two inari sushi, served with either miso or egg-drop soup. It's a simple combination that is nonetheless satisfying (especially when you factor in the soup). Japon serves a white miso soup with ribbons of seaweed and chunks of tofu that mingle with the scallions and savory broth to form a piping-hot pre-meal treat. And there's no fish sauce in the seaweed salad -- bonus for herbivores! If you saved room and eat dairy, try the green tea ice cream.

Japon is located at 1028 South Gaylord Street; call 303-744-0330 or visit

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