Jason Sheehan is on the move again...

...But no, he's not returning to Denver.

In early 2010, after almost eight years as Westword's Cafe critic (and six months after his memoir, Cooking Dirty, was published), Jason Sheehan moved to our partner paper in Seattle, the Seattle Weekly.

But now he sends us this update:

I swore for more than a decade that I would never go back east again, never cross the Mississippi River for anything but business -- and even then only briefly. But after a year of crushing sandwich withdrawal and with my Armageddon stockpile of scrapple, Tastykakes and Genny Cream Ale running dangerously low, I decided that it was time to relocate. And since Philadelphia Magazine was kind enough to agree to underwrite my salami and sweetbreads addiction in trade for me saying bad words in their august publication, that's where I'll be headed. The truck from the Genesee Brewery will be meeting me there.

Sheehan will be leaving Seattle next month -- he'll be replaced by Hanna Raskin, currently the restaurant reviewer at the Dallas Observer, another partner paper -- and resurfacing in Philadelphia soon after. Here's the word from the the editor of the Philly mag.

For a couple of months now -- ever since the very smart, very funny, very talented Kirsten Henri announced she was stepping aside as the magazine's food editor -- we've been searching for someone to take over our food coverage both in the magazine and here at Foobooz. Someone who understands food; who's as passionate about restaurants as you, our readers, are; and who might be able to give us a fresh perspective on Philadelphia's ever-growing, ever-more-exciting food scene.

I'm happy to announce we've found our editor: he's James Beard Award-winning journalist Jason Sheehan.

A toast -- and a real Philly cheesesteak -- to all of them.

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