Jonesy's EatBar -- a new look for the new year

Jonesy's EatBar is starting the new year with a new look -- a redecorated dining room. But Leigh Jones and partner Margaret Moore didn't really plan it that way. It was coincidence, Jones says: Moore's dad had some money to invest, and asked if they could use a loan. They thought about opening another place -- they already have Bar Car and the Horseshoe Lounge in addition to Jonesy's -- and then thought again.

Instead, they looked around the six-year-old Jonesy's, which had been decorated "on a shoestring," Jones says, and decided to update the whole space. The restaurant had already gotten a new kitchen floor last year and a walk-in earlier this year; this time, they focused on the dining room. "We worried that part of our charm is because we were a little mismatched," Jones says. "I do pretty well with mismatched, but I think it had gotten to the point where it looked like a yard sale."

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