Fourteen Seventy-Two is nearly ready to become Palizo.EXPAND
Fourteen Seventy-Two is nearly ready to become Palizo.
Mark Antonation

Palizo Italiano Slated to Open From a Familiar Name on Old South Pearl

A few weeks ago, an Italian flag was seen draped over the rooftop-patio guardrail at 1472 South Pearl Street, former home of Southern eatery Fourteen Seventy-Two. That, along with construction inside the building, gave us hope that an Italian restaurant would soon emerge. The restaurant, Palizo Italiano, is set to open in the next few days, according to a message posted on Facebook:

Restaurateur/Chef/Sommelier Patrick Mangold-White is set to open another venue at 1472 South Pearl in the next few days, with a menu inspired by his travels in Northern Italy.

Mangold-White and his team are behind three other restaurants on South Pearl: Kaos Pizzeria, Uno Mas Taqueria y Cantina and Yardbird (which recently took over the Black Pearl space). The chef/restaurateur also runs Mas Kaos (a pizza/taco combo) at 4526 Tennyson Street and a second Uno Mas at 730 East Sixth Avenue.

With six restaurants now in his stable, four of them on Old South Pearl, Mangold-White has quietly become one of the city's more prolific and successful restaurateurs. He also operated Gaia at 1551 South Pearl street until real estate developer Patrick Finney purchased the building and the one next door, with plans to scrape both and build a modern co-working office (a plan that was recently scrapped, according to BusinessDen ). Gaia's breakfast and lunch menu was incorporated into the all-day offerings at Yardbird, which also serves fried chicken and other Southern specialties.

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