Lime closes its Landmark location

The Lime at Landmark has dried up. Since they'd signed the lease on the spot in 2007, the troubled Landmark development had gone through bankruptcy and assorted banks, and owners Pam Savage Sims and Curt Sims decided not to try renegotiating the deal again. "The latest problem was we were not allowed to do anything late-night," says Pam. "I wasn't allowed to sing there....They want all the activity, but they want it to stop at 10 p.m."

And that made the business untenable, so they closed the spot earlier this month, posting this note on the website:

We will miss all of our DTC family, our lunches together, happy hour, the fun of $1 Tacos Every Tuesday... so many good times. Now we have to close our doors, and say good bye.

Our staff, that we love so much, will be at our Lime XS location, feel free to come and say hi.

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"I loved the Landmark, but I'm really relieved I'm not running four units," says Pam, who not only sings but cooks and caters.

This summer, she and Curt closed the original Lime, after eleven years in Larimer Square, and signed a deal on a space in the Denver Pavilions. The spot has never been built out before, Pam notes, so while they're hoping for a December opening, that Lime's debut could get pushed back to early in the new year.

In the meantime, she notes, "our A-team is at Lime XS now. " She's there, too, doing catering projects and also working on the restaurant's food to win back neighbors who might have gotten the impression that it's just catering to the bar crowd.

And they still have another Lime at the Winter Park ski resort, which has been going strong all summer with the addition of a bike path right outside the door -- and ski season is just around the corner.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.