Make Some History: My Brother's Bar

My Brother's Bar is the oldest bar in Denver -- city directories show that this spot at the corner of 15th and Platte streets was an operating tavern before the 1880s -- but there's plenty of life left in the joint. For starters, it keeps late hours for such an oldster: My Brother's serves until at least 1 a.m. every night but Sunday (when it's closed), and last call is just before 2 a.m. And what it serves: great bar burgers (try the Ralphie buffalo burger, or the Johnny burger with grilled onions and three kinds of cheese), fries and onion rings, and Girl Scout cookies almost any time of the year.

The three small dining rooms are dark, cool, divey and filled with quiet, classical music. But the real find is through a narrow hallway and out in back: a patio that's a true urban oasis, with plants, a fountain and charmingly rickety furniture. During an evening here, you're bound to make some history yourself (and possibly a few drunk-dialing calls).

In a city full of great bars, My Brother's could be the best. But fair warning: There's no sign out front.

My Brother's Bar 2376 15th Street 303-455-9991

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