Mango Tree Coffee Opens in Englewood With an Altruistic Mission

The Englewood cafe opened June 28.
The Englewood cafe opened June 28. Mango Tree Coffee
Mango Tree Coffee has been roasting and selling bags of single-origin and house-blended coffee beans from its Colorado Springs roasting location for the past five years. Now the team of six behind the brand has packed up its coffee roaster and moved into a newly revamped building at 3498 South Broadway in Englewood. The brick-and-mortar cafe opened June 28.

“What I’ve enjoyed about coffee is the unlimited nature of what it allows you to be able to do,” says general manager Marc Corona. That attitude not only applies to Mango Tree’s passion for a handcrafted brew, but also speaks to the company's commitment to helping children around the world.

Mango Tree and a majority of its team members are rooted in MANNA Worldwide, a Christian nonprofit organization founded in 2001. “Our mission for the nonprofit is to rescue children from poverty,” Corona explains. “In every country and every community, that looks different. Our projects range from nutrition centers to medical clinics to orphanages and schools. It drives our passion even further.”

The idea for the coffee shop blossomed after a 2014 bike ride fundraiser across the United States. Seeing the success that stemmed from a shared passion for riding bikes and providing aid to kids, the nonprofit considered other avenues of raising funds while harnessing the collective enthusiasm among the MANNA Worldwide team. One suggestion quickly rose to the top: coffee.

You can feel extra good about sipping this coffee. - MANGO TREE COFFEE/FACEBOOK
You can feel extra good about sipping this coffee.
Mango Tree Coffee/Facebook
Mango Tree works as a subset of MANNA Worldwide, and 100 percent of its profits go back into the organization. With those profits, MANNA Worldwide has been able to establish a jobs training program on a Guatemalan coffee farm. On that same farm, the organization has set up a home for adolescents who have aged out of traditional orphanages. They hope to give the young people technical skills and opportunities in the coffee industry as they grow older.

This globally thinking organization has found a new home in Englewood. With the expansion of businesses and residential homes in the area, the Mango Tree team agreed that it would be the ideal place to lay the foundation for the small business. “Everybody has been so gracious and supportive here in Englewood,” Corona says. “We’re excited to join that and do that for others, as well.”

Mango Tree is planning a grand-opening celebration on August 6 and 7, during which the staff hopes to connect with the Englewood community and honor the nonprofit team that brought Mango Tree to fruition. Don’t wait to get your coffee fix until then, though; swing by now to see how Mango Tree has brought a splash of color to its corner of the block.

In addition to house-roasted coffee and espresso drinks, Mango Tree offers teas, hot chocolate and matcha as well as summer-friendly cold brew, lemonade, kombucha and smoothies. Stop by in the morning for a pastry provided by Revolution Bakeshop or one of Bonfire Burritos’ vegan Bon-asaurus breakfast burritos. Hot turkey, ham and Italian paninis are available for lunch.

Visitors can also peek into Mango Tree's roasting room and purchase coffee beans by the bag, including chocolatey Mexican Turquesa or the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe with notes of stone fruit. Knowing the profits are going to help kids just makes that morning brew taste better.

Mango Tree Coffee is located at 3498 South Broadway in Englewood and is open Monday through Saturday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, visit
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