Mitt Romney stopped at Chipotle this morning -- but is not invited to Rosa Linda's

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Y'all, Mitt Romney ate at Chipotle earlier today. According to hungry and expert sources, the GOP's main man stopped by the Stapleton location of the Colorado staple and chowed down on a burrito with black beans, pork and pico de gallo. He even added guac -- which, as you know, costs extra. But, hey, Mitt Romney can afford it.

And while by all appearances and for all AP photos Romney appeared pleased with his burrito (let the gas jokes roll), he did not stop at another local Mexican food classic: Rosa Linda's Mexican Cafe. That's because he wasn't invited.

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Because the preparation for the upcoming University of Denver debate started months ago, Oscar Aguirre got the call in early August. Aguirre is the oldest son of the family that owns Rosa Linda's, and a member of Romney's campaign asked Aguirre and his parents to schedule a stop from the presidential candidate.

"Both my mom and dad said no," Aguirre says. "My parents are Mormons, which they share with him, but number one, they're not Republican, and number two, it's not the type of publicity or image that they want to portray. They joked to me, 'One [candidate] wants to give money away, and the other wants to take my money, so either way, we're screwed.'"

This is not the first time Rosa Linda's owners have taken a political stance: In 2000, they also declined an offer from Bush supporters who wanted the then-president to visit. This time around, as Aguirre recounts on the restaurant's Facebook page, the man who reached out told them that "since Mr. Romney is LDS as well as our parents, it would make a great platform for his election. Mom again said NO. Religion and politics don't mix.... We were better off when Clinton was in office...."

Not that they would refuse entry to President Obama: According to Oscar Aguirre, the president has twice eaten Rosa Linda's food at catered local events, and Aguirre says the president even sent the restaurant a letter of thanks. The next step is to get him inside the physical location.

"We would love to have him," Aguirre says. "Absolutely."

While only one of the candidates has formally visited Rosa Linda's, both men have ties to Chipotle. According to Chris Arnold, Chipotle's director of public relations, Obama's daughters, Sasha and Malia, are also fans of the burrito chain.

"That's the one thing they agree on: Chipotle," Arnold jokes, continuing, "It proves that Mitt Romney has good taste in food." And while the visit was an unplanned one (as far as he knows), Arnold concludes, "We're happy that we're a chosen stop while in town."

For more on the public response to Rosa Linda's stance, read "Rosa Linda's Mexican Cafe becomes a campaign hate stop after Mitt Romney turn-down."

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