Moe's tofu sandwich brings down-home barbecue to vegetarian palates

It's not easy finding vegetarian barbecue in Denver -- and it will be harder after Wolfe's, the barbecue joint on Colfax that's known for its rubbed and smoked tofu, closes after a last hurrah on Christmas Day.

But take heart, herbivores: You can still get righteous barbecued tofu at the two metro Moe's locations, 3295 South Broadway in Englewood and the store that opened earlier this year at 530 Broadway.

The photo above was snapped at the Englewood location, which is also a live-music venue and a bowling alley. You can order food while you're practicing your bowling technique, or take a seat at the bar and watch whatever game is being broadcast on the television. A chalkboard by the counter lists the daily options of Moe's rotating side dishes; a large menu hanging above the cash register lists the 'cue choices.

Moe's serves up all the usual barbecue suspects -- ribs, brisket, pulled pork -- as well as a few surprises, such as blackened mahi mahi, fried shrimp and catfish. And then there's tofu, served on a sandwich that you can order a la carte or as part of a meal, which also includes two sides and a drink. Pictured are the potato salad and macaroni and cheese, clearly not vegan; Moe's also has a fabulous squash casserole that's dished up on certain days of the week. There are also bags of vegan-friendly chips, but beware the cornbread, which is traditionally made with bacon grease.

The tofu sandwich is served Carolina style: slathered in cole slaw and topped with pickles and barbecue sauce. The already-smoked tofu is heated on the flat-top when ordered, then served juicy and piping-hot. Thanks to the slaw and sauce, the sandwich carries quite a kick.

Go to www.moesdenver.com to see specials and hours of operation. There's another Moe's at 2589 South Lewis Way in Lakewood, which offers some vegetarian sides and might start dishing up smoked tofu in the future. We'll keep you posted.

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