New Belgium will expand onto Concourse A at DIA

The New Belgium Hub on Concourse B is one of our favorite places for a meal and a beer at DIA, but thanks to its location -- buried in the distant express gates all the way at the end of a hallway -- we often run a very real risk of missing our flight to enjoy it.

And now those catching flights on Concourse A will soon encounter the same risk.

That's because New Belgium Spoke is opening on that concourse. And while it won't be exactly the same as the Hub, which serves a menu of classic bar food, it will be a cafe, serving salads, sandwiches, wraps, a kids' menu, Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea, and, most important, New Belgium beers on tap, which should make it a popular last stop for people looking for a final buzz before boarding.

Construction on the Spoke has already begun. "We should be open by May of 2011, unless something happens on the airport side," says LeMonica Hakeem, who does public relations for the concessions company that owns the concept.

We're sad that there won't be growlers, but we'll take it.

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