Old Chicago's World Beer Tour begins in Colorado

Old Chicago will kick off a local version of its World Beer Tour tonight from 6 to 8 p.m. with six selections from New Belgium Brewing Company - four on tap and two in bottles. The Colorado Beer Tour, as it's being called, lasts until June 14.

Beer lovers (you!) who try each of the New Belgium beers during this time get a "Here for the Beer" T-shirt and a chance to win one of ten Fat Tire cruiser-style bikes.

The selections may vary at each Old Chicago location, according to an employee of the Market Street spot (his restaurant, for instance, will have Sunshine Wheat, Fat Tire, Mighty Arrow and Biere de Mars on tap, and Trippel and Abbey in bottles), but all six will count toward the Colorado-based chain's long-running World Beer Tour challenge, in which customers can attempt to sample the restaurant's 110 beers over a month, a year, or however long it takes. An electronic card tracks your beers. If you finish, prizes ensue, and you get your name inscribed on The Famous Hall of Foam.

You have to start somewhere. Might as well be with Colorado.

For more info on Old Chicago, part of the Rock Bottom group of restaurants, visit the chain's homepage.

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