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Oops! Hammond's Candies Garage Sale starts today

Hammond's Candies employees have been working overtime in the Oops Room, where they sell their mistakes. But there have been so many delicious blunders lately that they'll spill out into the company's fifth annual Hammond's Candies Garage Sale, which runs today through Saturday in a tent in the parking lot outside the Hammond's headquarters at 5735 Washington Street.

Hammond's will be selling off an accumulation of overages, special runs, custom products and assorted missteps -- all a natural side-effect of being in the candy business, the company explains, and enough to fill twelve pallets. The treats will be sold at prices 50 to 75 percent off of retail.

And the discounted candies aren't the only deal here. Hammond's will also be offering free tours of the candy factory -- which includes a visit to the Oops Room.

The sale runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. today through Saturday. For more information, call 303-339-5358 or visit the website.

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