Get Airport Food Delivered to Wherever You're Waiting at DIA

Instead of watching the carousel go around in circles, sit back and order dinner.
Instead of watching the carousel go around in circles, sit back and order dinner. Photo by Michael Roberts
Airports and holidays almost always add up to big crowds, something we all want to avoid right now. But if you have to — or just really want to — travel by plane for Thanksgiving, Denver International Airport has something new to help keep you safe while making sure you don't go hungry. Instead of wandering through the airport and standing in line for food, you can have your order brought to you, no matter where you are.

The new program is called Eats Delivered, and it's powered by the At Your Gate app. So if you're hanging out waiting for your flight, or your baggage is lurking somewhere in the endless tunnels beneath the airport and you're watching the empty carousel go around and around, you can pick up your phone and get food delivered from one of several participating eateries.

But first you'll need to download the app (iPhone users are in luck, but it's also coming soon to Google Play). At Your Gate will use your phone's GPS to find you (or you can enter your location if you have Location Services turned off), and you can select food from the Denver Central Market, Einstein’s Bagels, Garbanzo, McDonald’s, Root Down, Timberline Steaks & Grille and Vino Volo — with more options to come. Then you just pay through the app and wait for your food to be brought to a drop-off point near your location, which should take less than thirty minutes. A $4.99 delivery fee will be added, but that's peanuts for jet-setters in need of convenience.

Delivery service will be available between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. anywhere in the airport (unless you're being held by TSA for an extra-special pat-down). And should you get the munchies once you're seated on your flight, waiting for takeoff? Sorry, you're stuck with whatever the flight attendant is offering.

More good news: At Your Gate offers its services at ten other U.S. airports, so you can do it all again on your way home, depending on where you landed for Thanksgiving. Eats Delivered is running on a twelve-month pilot program, so if you don't feel safe traveling now, you can always give it a go in a few months.

Now, if only there were an app to order those little airplane bottles of booze...
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