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Reader: Soon Denver Will Be a City of Just Condos and Apartments

The last Perkins in Denver is gone. Its spot on South Colorado Boulevard, along with the neighboring La Quinta, will be knocked down for an apartment complex.

Yes, it was a link in a chain, but it was one of the city's few late-night options, and a cheap spot for many working or living in the neighborhood — many of whom are sharing thoughts on the Westword Facebook post with the news. Says John: 
I will miss it. The staff was super-friendly and it had that classic diner charm.
Responds Jessica: 
Sorry, no tears were shed at its passing. I worked there for a stint. Because we weren't allowed to close due to an agreement with La Quinta, I ended up pulling a triple shift in a snowstorm. Dinner to graveyard to breakfast/lunch. I worked a lot of doubles because people called in, and while I would consider myself a good server, the tips didn't reflect that. Made much more money serving elsewhere. Also...having to promote pie sales on the phone while you had five tables was bullshit.
Notes Clint:
Part of the problem was their most special item was muffins, not pies! Know your strength.
Adds Shirley:
This really sucks! Good place to eat and great pies and muffins. I live in this neighborhood and what we need is another apartment complex? Get serious.
Offers Dena:
This just sucks. Love their pie.
More and more restaurants closing. Pretty soon this will just be a city of condos and apartments and nothing else.
Says Tim: 
More $2200/months apartments in Denver!?!! Yay!!!
Concludes Nora: 
End of an era.
Did you go to this Perkins? What's your go-to breakfast/late-night spot now? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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