Photos: Food for thought at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival

Snow cones and crepes; wok-tossed noodles and chocolate chip cookies the size of a small planet; pudgy sausages that stretched for feet and cheesesteaks that fed a platoon. The Fourth of July weekend ignited sparks with all that and more at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, an annual display of art in all guises, coupled with local food vendors who piled plates with every foodstuff imaginable. Eighteen culinary peddlers participated in the festival, all of which were scrutinized by a trio of judges, who analyzed their dishes, giving consideration to presentation, creativity, taste and value. In the end, Barbed Wire Reef, a mobile food company that specializes in exotic meats (think antelope, rattlesnake and alligator), was awarded Best in Show for its blackened ahi tuna sandwich, paired with crisp-edged sweet potato fries, and Berry Kabobs, which featured fruit-and-brownie skewers striped with chocolate, took top honors in the dessert category. Take a waltz through our photos of the food orgy on the following page, and see more photos in our Cherry Creek Arts Festival slide show.

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Lori Midson
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