Photos: Original Chubby's opens in Westminster

First things first: The

Original Chubby's

outpost that just opened in Westminster is not officially related to the original

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, the iconic Mexican joint that grew out of the Chubby Burger Drive Inn on West 38th Avenue, which

Stella Cordova bought in 1967

and where she kept working four four decades. She passed away shortly after her hundredth birthday a few years ago; that Chubby's is now in the hands of one of her grandsons, Danny.

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Another grandson, Julian Cordova, opened the first

Original Chubby's in Thornton

in 1987, trademarking the name and serving up variations on the old family recipes. He opened a second

second Original Chubby's at 1385 Santa Fe Drive

last year, and then a location in Westminster last week.

Keep reading for more photos of this new Original Chubby's.

And by the way, the first Chubby's and the three Original Chubby's locations are not related to Bubba Chinos -- but that chain, too, has ties to Stella Cordova: It's run by another one of her grandsons, Leonard Cordova.

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