The former Pic's Corner Bar has been behind protective fencing for years.EXPAND
The former Pic's Corner Bar has been behind protective fencing for years.

Pic's Corner Bar About to Bite the Dust

Back in the early ’90s, when the troubled Pic's Corner Bar finally gave up the ghost, it was the worst neighbor in a not very good neighborhood, where stabbings and other bad behavior were regularly reported.

But that was then. Now the empty Pic's building stands in the middle of a stretch of West 32nd Avenue that's one of the hottest dining areas in town — just down the street from Bar Dough, Uncle and Highland Tap & Burger, just up the hill from the ultra-hip Lady Jane bar in the spiffy new complex that replaced Dickinson Plaza.

Despite the action all around the corner where Pic's stands, the property has sat vacant for nearly two decades. And now the last vestige of Pic's is about to bite the dust: The building is slated to be knocked down today.

"Going down to make way for our new office/retail building," confirms CityStreet Investors' Joe Vostrejs. "I actually did go in there once when it was Pic’s Corner. It was a biker bar, as I remember."

A biker bar, the dirtiest of dives, but also a neighborhood bar for a neighborhood that's now long gone.

Did you ever drink at Pic's Corner Bar? Share your memories in a comment or email cafe@westword.com.

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