Reader: Any Place in Pueblo Will Beat Denver Green Chile

Where will you be eating that smothered breakfast burrito this morning? Who do you think has the best green chile in Denver? In this round of that heated debate, we're setting aside the argument over whether green chile is better in Colorado or New Mexico, and narrowing the divide to Denver and Pueblo. Unlike Boulder, Pueblo is definitely outside our circulation area, and so no spots there are included in our list of the Ten Best Places for Green Chile in Denver. And that's a mistake, says an apologetic Tiffany:

Sorry, but the best place to eat green chile?....They all are horrible in Denver unless you just want something reheated from a can....drive the extra two hours south to Pueblo — any place in Pueblo will beat Denver green chili... Sorry, no offense.

Mark sings the praises of chiles from Pueblo over those in Hatch, New Mexico:

Why not keep the green chile local, like Pueblo green chile, also known as mira sol? Nothing better by far. It's well worth the trip down south to give it a try. Also, the chile and frijoles festival in August is a blast.

Adds another Mark: 

AMEN! Unfortunately all the Northern Colorado liberal nut jobs hate Pueblo and do not recognize anything south of the Springs as part of Colorado.

The best green chile? Concludes Linda:

 My house. Oh, wait, I'm in Pueblo. HAHAHAHAHA!

What do you think of the green chile in Pueblo — and have you found it in Denver? Diego's at 1600 Champa Street off the 16th Street Mall, which opens at 11 a.m., is an outpost of a Pueblo institution, and also serves another Pueblo creation: the Slopper. 

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.