Syrup wlll soon be spilling from downtown to City Park.
Syrup wlll soon be spilling from downtown to City Park.
Lauren Monitz

Reader: Breakfast Is Great, Lines for It Not So Much

Where do you go for breakfast? Not Le Peep by City Park; that location closed several months ago, and will soon be replaced by another Syrup, which inspired this comment from Angelo:

The hipsters are taking over.

Replies Amy:

Um, no. There aren't hipsters running this restaurant. Hard-working Midwesterners, yes.

But nowhere is safe, says Zack:

Basic bitches and douchey hipster bros everywhere. Run for your lives.

And one reader wouldn't go out for breakfast to any popular spot, especially one of those single-name joints.

Breakfast is great, lines for it not so much. I can make my own breakfast, clean the house and rake the leaves before I'd even be seated at most of Denver's single word breakfast spots.

Where do you eat breakfast? At home, at one of Denver's one-word restaurant spots, or at an old-school diner or dive?

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