Reader: Claiming any burger is "the best damn burger" is lazy and a lie

Denver has a staggering number of burger joints, and you can also find burgers everywhere from Mexican restaurants to fine-dining establishments, anywhere a customer might want to order America's favorite dish. Last week Lori Midson tried the new burger at the Squeaky Bean, which just introduced lunch, and she pronounced it "the meat to beat, the boss of all burgers, the best damn burger in the city." See also: Squeaky Bean chef Theo Adley launches a new lunch menu -- and the best burger in town

But in a city where people take their burgers seriously, those are fighting words. Responds Vic:

Claiming any dish, much less a burger, is "the best damn burger in the city" has to be the biggest lie and the laziest writing mechanism.. unless you've actually eaten every damn burger in the city.

What do you consider the best damn burger in metro Denver? And how does the new Squeaky Bean burger compare to the burger at Humboldt, which we named Best Burger in the Best of Denver 2014?

Post your suggestions below -- and to whet your burger appetite, read these comments for more winning burgers.

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