Reader: Don't wear black at a cat cafe!

Here, kitty, kitty! Yesterday we told you about Sana Hamelin, an attorney who wants to follow her dream and open the city's first cat cafe. And if donations pour into her Denver Cat Company fundraising campaign the way comments have been flowing, she should have no problem meeting her goal. It's been a purr-fect storm of both silliness snarkery! Here's a sampling... See also: Meow! Former Litigator Hopes to Open Denver's First Cat Cafe

Says Spotted Dick:

How about feeding the thousands of hungry, poor children in Colorado before you feed some fucking cats ???????

Says Steven:

I like cats but I don't think I could eat a whole one.

For the record, the goal of Denver Cat Company is not to feed cats or serve them to customers, but to create a gathering place where real social animals can sit and sip and love them some cats. Which inspires the best advice, from Keith:

Don't wear black!

Would you visit a cat cafe?

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