Reader: Give Azucar a Big Hand...and Some Dough

Peruvian-born Marjorie Silva opened Azucar Bakery in 2006 to fill a hole in a town more accustomed to cupcakes and pie than flan and Suspiro de Limeña. But while she's giving Denver diners a good taste of South American delicacies from her shiny, pink-frosted space on South Broadway, she's also getting her own lesson in American culture.

Last year Lakewood's Masterpiece Cakeshop got slapped by the Colorado Civil Rights Division when it refused to make a gay wedding cake. And when Azucar recently refused to frost a cake with anti-gay sentiments, it, too, became the subject of a complaint filed with the Department of Regulatory Agencies, which houses the division.

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As with the Masterpiece situation, coverage of Azucar's stance has gone global, with people from around the world voicing their support of Silva. The bakery has responded on its Facebook page with a simple "Thanks" accompanied by a photo of Silva holding a cake decorated with the words "Stop the hate!! Don't discriminate" -- written in pink frosting on a white background.

But readers have plenty more to say. Says Liz:

I can't speak for all liberals; while I strongly object to the sentiment behind refusing to make a gay wedding cake, I accept that it is the cake maker's right to refuse service based on his/her beliefs. That said, I think it would be fairly easy to rally public opinion in favor of the cake maker who declines to write bigotry/hate language on a cake, and against the other for refusing service on the grounds of sexual orientation. There are consequences to free speech, including alienating the majority of Americans who support marriage equality.

Says Matt:

Why is it so bad to disagree with homosexuality? Religious beliefs are protected as well. Liberals and the gay lobby constantly discriminate and spew hatred towards Christians.

And then there's this from Michaelangelo:

I'll be ordering a tres leche for St Valentine's....my way of giving back to a local family business. Give the folks a big hand (& some dough....pun intended.)

Read dozens of additional comments on Azucar here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.