Reader: Hate to Break It to You, But Denver's Food Scene Is Atrocious

What does a visitor to Denver need to know about the dining scene? That we have a history that stretches far beyond Denver omelettes, that there are many ethnic options, that the seafood in this landlocked city is plenty fresh, that's it's important to get out to the neighborhoods, and that yes, while you can find bison here, there are many more ways to meet your meat cravings.

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But Darnell isn't impressed:

Enough with the pho soup. We get it, it's broth and noodles, and because Vietnamese people are cooking it, you get feel good because you think Denver is somehow diverse. Hate to break it to you, but Denver's food scene is atrocious. The Mexican food is weak and has no identity. I'm still trying to find a real meat market that serves fresh barbacoa and carnitas on Sunday mornings. The BBQ in Denver is absolutely foul and way overpriced.

Denver is known for beer and weed. When people think of New York or San Fran, they think good Chinese and Italian food. Chicago is steakhouses. Texas is Tex-Mex and BBQ. Kansas City is sweet BBQ pork. Denver is...bison?

What do you think of Denver's dining scene? What are the culinary hallmarks here?

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