Reader: If You Want Overrated In-N-Out, Move Back to Cali!

In-N-Out Burger has lots of fans, one of which suggested that the California chain should move into the vacated Griff's space. That led to a discussion of why In-N-Out won't come to Colorado — too far from its distribution centers — which then sparked a debate over whether Colorado wants In-N-Out in the first place. Or more Californians, for that matter. Keep reading for a taste of the debate on the Westword Facebook page:

Says Lisa: 

Lame that there isn't one in Denver, yes. But it's not for dumb reasons. In-N-Out is what it is because of their values and dedication to quality. If they lose that, it becomes just another hamburger chain.

 But Sean would say that's already the case:

 I lived in Cali and frankly I never cared much for In-N-Out. People act like they are gold hamburgers. Everyone was so big on Krispy Kreme, too, and it's just another doughnut!   

Counters Scott: 

 They stick to their values of never freezing food and only getting fresh products for their customers. They need to build a distribution center here and then start dominating the hamburger scene in Colorado. The last time I spoke with the GM at the Las Vegas store (busiest INO store in the nation) he said they were 8-10 years away from coming to Colorado. That was 5 years ago...

Adds Miguel:

In-N-Out ain't no big shakes. Denver misses Griff's!!!! I cried when they shut down. F some Cali, In-N-Out!!!!

Comments Scott: 

Man, I hope they change the rule so I can move to Denver from California! Can't wait to smoke a bunch of legal weed, build a big, cheap box house and clog up your highways going to get my In-N-Out!

Concludes Gregory:

If all these jackwads who moved here from Cali want this overrated crap so badly, they can move their happy asses back there.
This is Denver, not LA. You've already brought sky-high rent, terrible traffic, an inability to signal and a host of other crap. You can keep this one there or better yet pack up the Uhaul and head back to the coast where you belong.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.