Word of Mouth

Reader: Love the Union Station Market, Don't Like the Dogs There!

The Union Station Farmers Market debuted last weekend and will be back on the plaza at 1701 Wynkoop Street from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. tomorrow and every subsequent Saturday through late October. The first edition brought raves — as well as Mark Antonation's advice for cooking what you find there — but also inspired some suggestions from readers, including banning dogs. Says Annie:
I got the best lettuce from Toohey Farms: outrageous heads of romaine and red leaf that were full of wonderful flavor and crisp texture!! Love the Union Station Market, but hope they will outlaw dogs as it is a hazard for all shoppers.
Adds Lynn: 
The farmers' market was lovely, if crowded. There were a couple of dogs that growled and lunged at one other; other than that, people were pleasant and the selection was good. I'd go back.
And readers had more advice, including this from Emily: 
Was there and despite being crowded, it was actually pretty awesome. Kids splashed in the fountain, people had breakfast at the outside tables, and I brought home herbs to plant. Then we walked to the Chalk Festival. A great day in Denver!!! My only suggestion if it's possible is to spread the booths a bit so that the aisles are wider.
Concludes Lorin: 
Next we should try to make 17th into a proper promenade leading up to it.
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