Reader: Sad to see Little Italy fall restaurant by restaurant

Over the past year, we've lost three more of the Italian restaurants that used to blanket northwest Denver like red sauce. Pagliacci's shuttered last August, after 66 years in business; Longo's Subway Tavern closed in September, after 52 years; and Carbone's, the iconic Italian sandwich shop and market, has been dark since the start of the year. But now there are signs of life at the former home of Little Pepina's, which closed decades ago but is still remembered in the sign on the side of the building. It isn't coming back as an Italian joint, though: A liquor license has been pulled for Kobe An Japanese Fondue.

Lori Midson grew up on this side of town, and Little Pepina's was her mother's favorite restaurant. Her fond memories of Richard Blick's place brought back other memories:

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Says grizzly323:

I worked at Little Pepina's as a seventeen-year-old kid. Rich made my life hell but was a great boss, and I loved busing tables for Dino. He could tell stories for days. Great guy. This article made me realize how much I miss him and the gang. Sad to see Little Italy fall restaurant by restaurant.

What restaurant do you miss most that's left northwest Denver? What's your favorite Italian restaurant in the city today?

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