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Readers: RiNo Now Full of Newbies, Dorks and Man-Bun Types

Inside the Matchbox.
Inside the Matchbox. Sarah McGill
When you look at RiNo today, it's hard to remember what this area looked like a dozen years ago, when two artists formed the RiNo Art District in a dusty old warehouse area that the city had studied in its 2003 River North Plan. The neighborhood is almost unrecognizable from then — or even from six years ago, when the Matchbox, which Sarah McGill just profiled, opened on Larimer Street. Says Jeff:

Dear Matchbox:
You used to play decent music; now you play Justin Bieber and are overrun with marshmallow and man-bun types. Here's my suck letter to you.
Adds Megan:
It's because they use that jukebox thing where anyone can pay to listen to anything... the music choice is not under their control. But I agree with you 100 percent.
Notes Ben: 
Uh, sorry to break it to you, but the so-called "RiNo" neighborhood was indeed a neighborhood long before 2011. It just wasn't full of newbies and dorks who think just because they're new to this city that this city is new.
And Andrew has another quibble: 
RiNo is NOT a neighborhood. It's an art district. Idiots.
RiNo is indeed a registered art district that was formed a dozen years ago. But it looks like a booming neighborhood to us, even if it's not one on circa 2000 Denver maps. See our Denver Bootleg history of RiNo here.

What do you think of RiNo and the changes in that area?
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