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Round two with Josh Monopoli, chef de cuisine of Black Cat & Bramble & Hare

Josh Monopoli Black Cat 1964 13th Street, Boulder 303-444-5500 Bramble & Hare 1970 13th Street, Boulder 303-444-9110

Part one of my interview with Josh Monopoli, chef de cuisine of Black Cat and Bramble & Hare, ran yesterday; this is part two.

Favorite restaurant in America: Next, in Chicago. I haven't eaten there yet, and the concept isn't really feasible for, well, just about anybody. But the idea of changing not only the menu, but also the complete theme/decor/ambience of an entire restaurant every few months, with perfectly executed food and service, is really cool.

Favorite cheap eat in Denver/Boulder: Biker Jim's in Denver for his rattlesnake hot dogs and tahini-roasted cauliflower. That shit's bangin'. Snarf's is also my favorite sandwich shop in Boulder. Good, good stuff.

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