The Korean chicken sandwich with kimchi and Kewpie mayo.EXPAND
The Korean chicken sandwich with kimchi and Kewpie mayo.
Mark Antonation

Royal Rooster Brings Fried Chicken Sandwiches to Old Major for Lunch

Chef/restaurateur Justin Brunson has been expanding his meaty restaurant empire this year, with the opening of Honor Society downtown and the soon-to-open Masterpiece Kitchen in Lowry adding to his collection of two Masterpiece Delis (in Lower Highland and Uptown) and LoHi pork palace Old Major. But for his latest venture, rather than acquire new real estate, Brunson is utilizing existing space with a new concept called Royal Rooster, which will serve lunch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday from inside Old Major, beginning Tuesday, December 1.

Royal Rooster will set up shop on the bar side of Old Major, serving a short menu of chicken sandwiches made with the Redbird fried chicken thighs already popular on the restaurant's menu, along with a few sides and beverages. Brunson is keeping the lunch menu simple — four sandwich choices, fries and a Caesar salad (in two sizes) —  to provide the neighborhood with a good daytime alternative without taking too much time away from the kitchen's dinner program, which relies heavily on in-house butchery and charcuterie.

The French sandwich done up like Cordon Bleu.EXPAND
The French sandwich done up like Cordon Bleu.
Mark Antonation

With real estate prices and retail rents skyrocketing, there has been a growing trend this year of eateries expanding hours to bring in more revenue from existing locations. Brunch has become one of the top meals in Denver and places like Black Eye Coffee, Atomic Cowboy, and Honor Society are pulling in customers all day, every day with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Royal Rooster will serve lunch at Old Major's bar.
Royal Rooster will serve lunch at Old Major's bar.

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