Saladarity, a salad concept, will open downtown in April

Green Fine Salad Co., a Denver-based company, plans to open its third local location in April at 707 Seventeenth Street -- but this outpost will have another name: Saladarity, a new prototype that, unlike Green Fine Salad, is trademarked. "Green Fine Salad is a name we couldn't protect, so we came up with Saladarity, which we have trademarked," says founder Gerry Weber.

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"Saladarity is based on a simple idea: prepare salads with the same quality ingredients, cooking techniques and creativity found at the finest restaurants and serve them quickly in a lively setting," adds Weber, noting that Saladarity is a "new prototype of the enhanced version that we already have in place."

The menu, he reveals, will have "limited time offers that will allow us to test new recipes." In addition, says Weber, "We have a number of signature salads, but some of them no longer sell very well, so we'll be adding new salads, and the ones that we remove from the signature salad board will still be available to devotees as a custom craft salad," he adds.

Weber also notes that he's considering adding healthy breakfast options to the lineup at the Seventeenth Avenue location, while the other two Denver outposts, both of which are nearly ten years old, will undergo a "refresh."

"We consider ourselves a healthy, active lifestyle brand, using high quality ingredients to create products that are great tasting and better for you, and healthy eating is gaining momentum as a lifestyle choice," says Weber.

Saladarity will open in April.

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