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Sink Hole Will Open on Broadway...and You'll Welcome This One

Sink Hole Will Open on Broadway...and You'll Welcome This One
With the warm weather, sinkholes are opening up all over Denver. But unlike those other harbingers of spring, the Sink Hole at 333 Broadway will be a welcome sight when it finally opens.

Promising billiards and a bar, the Sink Hole will take over the former home of Studio Lites, the store that's been offering bling and burlesque paraphernalia for more than three decades. Studio Lites moved to smaller digs at 25 West Third Avenue over two years ago, and its circa 1965 former home was offered for sale.

But now the building is off the market and there are signs of life inside, with that trademark turquoise exterior replaced with stone, and a sign over the door announcing that the new occupant will be "coming soon."

Around the corner, meanwhile, Studio Lites still sports plenty of turquoise, as well as the town's best collection of size 12 high heels.
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Chris Decker