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Stephen McCary, chef of Mizuna, on his weekend warrior and the missing dishwasher

Stephen McCary Mizuna 225 East Seventh Avenue 303-832-4778

This is part two of my interview with Steve McCary, exec chef of Mizuna; part one of our chat ran yesterday.

Most memorable meal you've ever had: A few years ago, Frank Bonanno and Jacqueline, his wife, took some of the chefs to Guy Savoy in Las Vegas. It was my first time dining in a three-star Michelin restaurant, and the whole experience, from the placing of the silverware to the amount of knowledge our server had about the way the food was prepared, was amazing. It was several hours of incredible food and wine. Just perfect.

See also: Stephen McCary, chef of Mizuna: "I'd love it if the words 'molecular gastronomy' would die"

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