Sub-Culture serves a dozen vegetarian (and vegan-optional) sandwiches

During its short time on the map, Sub-Culture has become very popular; it opened last year and has already garnered a Best of Denver award as the Best Non-Sports Spot for Watching Games. But we were more concerned with the food than the atmosphere when we swooped in to pick up lunch (after ordering online -- convenient!) one weekend afternoon.

Although the hour was somewhat off -- a little early for a true dinner rush -- clusters of people were soaking up what was left of the day's sunlight on the patio, while inside, the kitchen staff scurried and prepped, assembling sandwiches and packaging orders.

Sub-Culture has dozens of meat options, both toasted and cold, and a dozen different vegetarian options. The sandwiches are served on your choice of white or wheat bread and come in lengths of seven to twelve inches, and vegan cheese and mayonnaise are both available if you want to use one or both as a substitute.

The vegetarian version of the Sancho (pictured above) features tempeh, green chile, cream cheese, grilled onion, lettuce and tomato.

The veggie Reuben includes tempeh, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese (substituted here with vegan cheese) and Thousand Island dressing (substituted here with vegan mayonnaise).

Both sandwiches were tasty, although Vine Street Pub (& Brewery)'s version of the tempeh Reuben is cheaper ($6.95, compared to $10.50 at Sub-Culture) and has more filling. It's reasonable to pay $10 for a meat-filled twelve-inch sandwich, but when you pay the same price for the veggie options, it would be nice to get a little more bang for your buck. Still, the food is good enough that we'd definitely run by to grab another sandwich while out and about.

Sub-Culture is located at 1300 Pennsylvania Street; call http://thisissubculture.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.